Choosing the right size for a product purchased online is never a simple operation, especially if the item you want to buy is for a gift. To make no mistake, Amen offers a guide to help you compare a ring you already have with the available sizes, in addition to the size chart you find under each product.

For leather bracelets the shown size is in centimeters. This changes depending on whether the bracelet is designed to make one, two or three turns around the wrist. 
For example, a 3-turn bracelet measures 57 cm,  means that in a single lap it is 19 cm long (57 cm / 3 turns).

If you already have a ring  and you want to buy the same size, look inside, the size should be shown. Otherwise, click here to download the pdf in A4 format and print it. Choose the ring that fits you best and superimpose it on the circles of the table, the inside of the ring must coincide with the circle. This way you can proceed with the purchase in a safe manner.

If you still have doubts, you can contact one of our experts at the addresses you find in the information section at the bottom of the site’s pages.

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