The medal of Saint Benedict is an ancient representation of the Saint that reminds the wearer of the constant presence of God and his protection from evil. In his right hand he carries the cross, while in the left hand he holds an open book, the "Rule". On the altar there is a chalice from which a serpent comes out to recall an incident that occurred: making the sign of the cross, the Saint crushed the cup containing the poisoned wine given to him by some monks who had conspired against him. The Cross of St. Benedict is always found on the back of the medals, with the Latin symbols of a prayer against the influence of evil: "Cross of the Holy Father Benedict-The Holy Cross be my light-The devil be not my guide". Considering the importance of the Saint, patron of Europe and protector of young people, Amen has dedicated an entire collection of jewels using his ancient medal.

Meanings: Protection, peace, blessing, youth

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