"I admit defeat and my different qualities, I am not ashamed of it ... I would be ashamed not to fight and to try with all my heart" This is the motto of the ‘Insuperabili’ that you can find in our Leather Bracelet dedicated to these young men. It is an initiative that arose with the specific intention of publicizing a solidarity project that aims to improve the living conditions of many young people through the breaking down of physical and mental barriers, which help to combat and limit the phenomena of marginalization of modern society. Involving Giorgio Chiellini, our exceptional celebrity sponsor who we thank so much, we have launched a line of natural leather bracelets engraved with the motto ‘Insuperabili’. By purchasing this bracelet you can contribute to the concrete support of Insuperabili Onlus, which together with Reset Academy has, since 2012, managed football schools for children with cognitive, relational, sensory, behavioral, physical and motor disabilities. The project aims to spread its philosophy and working methodology thanks to the work of a multidisciplinary team, made up of professionals from the world of sport and education, using a schedule for objectives focussing on the individual and on the group during the sports season. Through football, the project aims to ensure the growth and integration of children with disabilities into society.

Meaning: Solidarity, trust, hope, strength

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