"This island, as looking at a map reveals, was once called Ichnussa (footprint) because its perimeter reproduces a shape very similar to the imprint of a human foot" Aristotle. At the dawn of life on the planet there was only one great ‘Tyrrhenian’ continent, known as Tirrenide. It was populated by strong men and animals of all kinds. One night, God's wrath was thrown at Tirrenide. The earth began to tremble and was engulfed by sea waves. Just when the end of the world was about to come, the wrath of God was placated and over that little piece of land that was still emerging, he placed his divine foot and managed to save this island from the waters. And so it was that in the great ‘Tirrenide’ there remained the imprint of the foot of God in the middle of the great expanse of the sea: Sardinia. Tradition recounts that before making the proposal of eternal love to their woman, Sardinian men would turn to the ‘Janas’ to ask for their protection and help. The fairies weaved a golden thread, creating a ring that the young man was to put on the girl's left ring-finger (where the amorus vein passes directly to the heart). Giving a Sardinian wedding ring as a gift, having a jewel from the Iknos collection, wearing a prayer of an island full of emotions, means taking the scent of wild myrtle with you, together with the warmth of the earth, the memory of a mythical place.

Meaning: Love, belonging, Sardinia

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