Faith, the faith of every day, faith that gives strength and transforms into a high and universal love; the faith that millions of people embrace. Amen was created from a desire to give words of faith so we can always be close to loved ones and make them feel protected, loved, never alone. Faith is a choice nowadays. A sense of belonging, individual and conscious. The Amen collections embrace not only faith in the strict sense, but a broader concept of love; love for your partner, love for children, friends, for all loved ones. A bracelet to wear on your wrist as a symbol of belonging, of comfort and protection. The prayers "Ave Maria" and "Padre Nostro" in numerous languages make the meaning of love universal. It is a message designed here to be symbolized in a clothing accessory, both for men and women. A creative jewel, with attention to detail, with the engraving of words and a careful selection of materials, of genuine leather made in Italy.

Meaning: Love, affection, comfort, protection, trust, prayer

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